I have been anxiuosly waiting for this day, but also with some fear and trepidation:

S.E.Thile pipes are now being offered for sale to the general public!

Yikes! Why now? A few things have happened that pushed me over the edge:

  1. I’ve been pipemaking for one year as of this month.
  2. My pipes are looking better, smoking great, and while there is yet much to improve on, they seem to compare well with many other up and coming pipemakers.
  3. I attended the St. Louis pipe show and was greatly encouraged by several pipemakers and collectors.
  4. Last, but not least, I desperately need to raise money to buy more briar and ebonite rod, so I can make more!

Check out the new website and let me know what you think:


I was out of space in the shop, but I desperately needed another workbench for handwork. One of the reasons I’m out of space is I had an upright piano torn down and laying on it’s back. A long story, but It’s very unlikely it will ever be completed, and yet I’m not free to do anything with it either. Then I had this idea….

New workbench

Filing a pipe at the new “work bench”.

Hello folks, I have just set this up and have not done anything with it as yet. Please visit one of the links on the blog roll for additonal information on my variuos activites…. Thanks for stoping by!